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New song :]

2009-09-27 08:59:03 by Blakren

I made this song with Fl studio 9. If somebody actually sees this post, then that would be awesome if you could check it out! Yeah I finally got the full verson of Fl. Probably got a virus or two from the process, but it was worth it :].

saving up for reason 4.0

2009-07-01 19:10:37 by Blakren

Its kinda expensive, so I'm not sure if I should really buy it.. Maybe I'll just steal it >: )

I made a new song bitches!

2009-03-11 06:12:01 by Blakren

Yup, after a dry spell of bland ideas, out of the blue this song comes. I put quite a lot of effort into it. Hope you like it : D.

Song Idea

2009-02-13 14:29:31 by Blakren

I was thinking that I should make a song dedicated to the month of February! I'd say the song would be mostly ambient, with classical, and trance elements. I'm still brainstorming how I'm actually going to write it though. Its going to be made entirely on FL studio. If anybody has some suggestions about how to write the song, that would be awesome!