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I like it

Your art style is pretty damn creepy, but well done XD Nice bunch of sketches. They must have taken a while. Keep up the good work.


I thought it was really good, even when my slow computer shows it at half the speed! I really liked that guy's hook thingy, awesome stuff. I bet it would be even better if I had a better computer. The only thing is, is that you seem to be running out of ideas. It may not seem like it, but I kinda sence it. Your new Ideas are cool, but doesn't seem to fit the madness vibe all that well to me. What I said might seem really stupid or completely wrong to most people, but I'm not going to lie just to be on the good side of things. I really advise you to end this series next episode, Cause its getting kinda drawn out. Don't get me wrong, I still loved it, good graphics, great animation, lots of detail, and lots of effort, but try to end the series when its just starting to go down hill.

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Its ok

Kinda basic, and not creative at all, sorry : ( On the bright side it was enjoyable, and not a complete waste of my time. It has no glitches or bad sound quality, which is also good. I got a 178, not bad I guess : P

I fully agree with llamamessanger

Remake this with a healthbar. maybe have more powerful cells that do more damage. If you made it so the germ could shoot something, then you could add something like a boss battle. I kinda liked it, not bad.

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Industrial rock on newgrounds... sweet! This is very well made overall. Though the background synths are a bit too quiet, and your snare could be a little punchier, but this is only my opinion of what might sound better. Great work!

TheMoebiusProject responds:

Hey thanks a lot for your review! And for listening! I think you are right. Gonna work on the synths and the snare and upload an update soon. Thnks again! :).

Strings are a tiny bit too loud for my taste, and takes too long to build up (though I am aware that may be the intention), but everything else is pretty spot on for some kind of movie score piece! Great work overall. I'm also glad you posted what you used to make this, since it'll potentially help other musicians.

I'm liking your unique style overall. Not sure if I'd use that kick drum, and at times the track can get a bit messy and chaotic (there's a good chance this was intentional due to it being "experimental"), but overall I really like it. I'll keep checking out your stuff.

Anchorwind responds:

I hope you find things you like and I'm glad you enjoyed this. Thank you for your time and review.

I'm a beginner electronic music composer. Check out my work, but don't expect ParagonX9 quality.

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